International Women's News

Priscilla Todd - Australia

Priscilla Todd is editor of IWNews. She is member of the Women’s Electoral Lobby, Australia, Owner of Todd Secretariat, Order of Australia Medal.

Lea Börderding - Germany

Lea Börderding is a member of the editorial committee


Lene Pind - Denmark

Lene Pind is the editor of IAW Newsletter. She is past President of the Danish Women’s Society with a particular interest in the CEDAW, retired Principal of the Tornbjerg Gymnasium, Knight of Dannebrog, Secretary General of IAW 2007 – 2013.

Souad Houssein - France

Souad Houssein is a member of the editorial committee

Anjana Basu - India

Anjana Basu is a member of the editorial committee


Lene Pind - Denmark

Lene Pind is the chief editor of IAW Website. 

Alison Brown - USA

Alison Brown is responsible for the domain. She is past president of the Autonomous Women’s Center, Austria, former Secretary General of the IAW, former opera singer.

Sanja Jeraj - Germany

Sanja Jeraj is the editor of IAW Website. In cooperation with Alison Brown Sanja produced the former IAW website and gladly accepted the call to support IAW again in what she is good at: website work. Sanja is happy to to ensure that the website remains informative and interesting.

Danielle Levy - France

Danielle Levy is the editor of the French Section. She is a teacher by education and has served as the translator for IAW of documents from English into French for the past two triennia. She represents IAW at UNESCO.

Social Media

Sanja Jeraj - Germany

Sanja Jeraj is the coordinator of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram. She holds a master’s degree in engineering and has an understanding of technical matters. Despite this number-oriented professional background, she has a passion for social topics. She sees the strengthening of women’s rights as a top priority. Therefore, Sanja volunteered to coordinate IAW’s social media taking into account the timeliness of the website.

Arina Angermann - The Netherlands

Arina Angerman is a contributor to social media.

Manju Kak - India

Manju Kak is a contributor to social media.

Annual Reports Editor

Rita Marque Mbatha - Zimbabwe

Herstory - Archives

Rosy Weiss - Austria

Rosy Weiss is the convener.

Marion Böker - Germany

Anje Wiersinga - The Netherlands

Manju Kak - India

Priscilla Todd - Australia

Catherine Sophie Dimitroulias - France

Antonia Lavine - USA

Alison Brown - USA