International Alliance of Women BOARD

Acting President

Marion Böker - Germany

Representative to the United Nations as Chief Executive Officer

Acting President Marion Boeker

Marion Böker is the founder and director of Consultancy for Human Rights & Gender Issues, Berlin, since 2004 . She works as a consultant on international, regional, and local level for the implementation of human rights of individuals and groups by interventions, campaigns, or complaints under the UN Human Rights Treaties. She provides expertise for Civil Society Organizations, administration and politics and serves as an expert on the implementation of Gender Budgeting. She has a focus on the UNSCR 1325 “Women, Peace and Security” and offers capacity building trainings for human rights and peace activists.

Her NGO affiliation other than with International Alliance of Women is with UN WOMEN Germany, filia.the women’s foundation, German Women’s Council, CEDAW Alliance of Germany and Alliance for UNSCR 1325 in Germany. She served as a decision maker on several boards. As a feminist she is  committed to change in all areas.

She has a master’s degree in modern history and mass communication, has published a number of articles and books and before 2004 worked as a lecturer, in politics and for a German umbrella organization on the rights of victims of human trafficking.

Executive Vice Presidents

Manju Kak - India

Photo Manju Kak Vice President

Dr. Manju Kak’s work as an author and academician has been in the field of art, history and sociology of culture in which she holds a PhD. Her geographical area of interest is the Indian Himalayas. She has authored six books which include three volumes of literary short fiction and a book on Nicholas Roerich, the Russian artist and proponent of the first Peace Pact. She is the recipient of national and international fellowships. She has had government consultancies, been a teacher, a visiting professor at important centres of learning and organized important and meaningful conferences. She has presented papers and participated in many conferences in India and overseas; Almaty, London, Edinburgh, New York, Montreal, Moscow etc.

As a development journalist and as a panellist on national television channels she has advocated justice,  women’s rights and peace. She has served as National Treasurer of  India’s largest NGO, the All India Women’s Conference,  where for 22 years she has helped promote women’s’ rights from grass root funded projects to international high tables. She is a Trustee in the government-funded Lal Bahadur Shastri Memorial Trust,  Advisory Board Lila Foundation,  and Board Member of IAW, member Indian Association of Women’s Studies, and Indian Trust for Architecture and Cultural Heritage. 

Secretary General Interim

Camilla Wagner - Sweden

Representative to the United Nations as Chief Administrative Officer

Camilla Wagner Secretary General Interim

Camilla Wagner is a business journalist and editor specialized in gender equality and leadership. She is also the CEO of Klara K, an agency specializing in leadership for inclusion. Camilla has been an advocate for women’s rights in Sweden for over 20 years and she is the author of the book “19 voices about women and power”. The Swedish government has assigned Camilla as a representative at several international conferences. Her proficiency in human rights and gender equality has led to several international assignments and she holds a seat on the executive board of many NGOs. In 2020 she was elected president of the Fredrika Bremer Förbundet and is also the editor in chief of Hertha, the oldest women’s rights magazine in the world still issued.


Antonia Lavine - USA

Treasurer Antonia Lavine

Antonia Lavine is a lawyer with over 20-year experience in criminal prosecution, litigation, and oversight. She holds Master of Laws degrees in International Legal Studies and United States Legal Studies from the San Francisco Golden Gate University School of Law. 
As a public prosecutor and criminal law expert in Europe, she specialized in law enforcement, justice reform and legislative action in the areas of human rights protection and combating complex crime, including money laundering, corruption, human trafficking, and other forms of organized crime. With law degrees in both the civil and common law legal systems, Antonia is consulted regularly for her comparative and international law expertise and has served on numerous government, UN, and NGO-sponsored projects and panels. She has directly contributed to drafting various pieces of domestic and international legislation, including the European Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings, and served for several years as an appointed expert on the European Union’s Group of Experts on Trafficking in Human Beings.

In her current positions as Treasurer of the International Alliance of Women, Director of the San Francisco, Coordinator of the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking, and Executive Director of the National Council of Jewish Women San Francisco, Antonia utilizes her legal expertise and project management skills in social justice reform and advocacy action. For her social justice work in fighting discrimination, violence and exploitation, Antonia has received the prestigious CEDAW Women’s Human Rights Award of the San Francisco Friends of the Commission on the Status of Women and Award of Recognition for Outstanding Achievements in Cross-System Collaboration from the California Department of Social Services.

Regional Vice Presidents

Charmaine Hidayatullah - Pakistan


Photo Charmaine Hidayatullah Regional Vice President Asia

Ms Charmaine Hidayatullah was a banker by profession and is a zealous social worker, she has done master’s in law and have been a practicing lawyer for even number of years. Additionally, she has served two terms as a member of National Commission on the Status of Women. She also has an honor of being the Honorary Consul of Monaco since 2004.

At present Ms. Charmaine is working as President of APWA (All Pakistan Women’s Association), her association with APWA has been over 30 years, and she has been a mission driven leader for the socio-economic development of women, she has also worked as an advocate for the destitute women by handling indigent cases on humanitarian basis.

Anuarite Muyuwa Siiriwabo – DR Congo

Africa – Francophone

African Francophone Region Vice President Anuarite_Muyuwa_Siiriwabo

Anuarite Muyuwa Sirii is married and has five children. She has a degree in private and judicial law from the official university of BUKAVU. She is a legal defender and coordinator of sofedec. Coordinator of French-speaking Africa of the IAW and member of the board.
She is committed to the rights of women and children. She supports orphans and widows by organizing income-generating activities for their empowerment and survival. She defends the vulnerable, the defense of violations of the rights of orphans and widows.

Catherine Sophie Dimitroulias - France


European Region Vice President Catherine Sophie Dimitrioulas

Catherine Dimitroulias is a political scientist and jurist. Mediator of justice at the Paris Court of Appeal, Conciliator of justice at the Ministry of Justice and Commissioner at the Bank of France. She has served in policy advice, research and expertise with various public institutions, including the European Parliament, the French National Assembly, the Japanese Ministry of the Interior and the European Economic and Social Committee, and is the author of numerous research publications, notably CESE, 2008: « Fifty years of participatory democracy ». She teaches European law at universities. She is the 5th President of the Association of Women of Southern Europe (AFEM), which she has represented since its foundation, notably as spokesperson in the framework of the European constituent process for treaty reform, delegate to the Council of Europe, founding Vice-President of the Euromed France Network, spokesperson of the Beijing+25 Feminist Collective. She is former Vice-President of the Conference of INGOs, the 4th pillar of the Council of Europe and currently member of the Parisian Council of Europeans at the City of Paris.

Other Board Members

Anne Pelagie Yotchou Tzudjom – Cameroon

Anne Pelagie Yotchou Tzudjom – Cameroon

Anne Pelagie is a social entrepreneur,  Coordinator of LADIES CIRCLE, a national network and women/girls and also men leading social and economic change in Cameroon, where she inspires and empowers women/girls to DARE and  ACHIEVE, both socially and economically.

She is part of the IAW Water and Pads Project for Girls education in rural areas. She has a passion to give smile and hope to others especially underprivileged, poor, and vulnerable persons. She is committed to everything that can contribute to advance women’s rights, justice, and sustainable development in communities. She keeps on dreaming for a positive and authentic feminine leadership in Cameroon. She is very active in the civil society locally, nationally and internationally. She is an expert on transitional justice, gender issues and human rights educator, and leads several charitable activities in Cameroon.

For her, the economic empowerment of women is  one of the keys to eradicate gender based violence and build and more just, equal, fair, inclusive and lovely world for a sustainable development  for all.

Esther Suter – Switzerland

Esther Suter - Switzerland

(Rev. Dr.) Esther R. Suter, from Switzerland, worked as a trilingual secretary from 1968-1970 in Paris, then studied theology and was ordained pastor in the Reformed Church of Switzerland; 1982 delegated by Women for Peace Switzerland to the 2nd UN-Special Session on Disarmament in New York City; in 1983 she did pastoral volunteer work in New York City “Hell’s Kitchen”. 1984 stay in Chile during the military dictatorship, co-initiator of a project for street children with Servicio Paz y Justicia Chile. 1985 delegated for the 3rd UN World Conference on Women in Nairobi as a journalist.  1995 delegated to the 4th UN World Conference on Women in Beijing as a journalist.

Vice-President of the International Association of Liberal Religious Women, Vice President of the International Association for Religious Freedom (IALRW) and Council member of the International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF).

Hege Elisabeh Løvbak – Norway

Hege Elisabeh Løvbak – Norway

Hege Elisabeth Løvbak holds a Masters degree in Sociology from the University of Oslo and has long experience initiating and leading projects in the higher education sector. Hege has spent her career developing equality and diversity policies and facilitating competence building focusing on cultural change. She represents the Norwegian Association for Women’s Rights and has been active in the organization since 2017 in the Oslo branch where she has served in several capacities such as associate leader and leader.

Holly Herbert – Australia

Photo Holly Herbert Board Member

Holly Herbert is a new board member from Sydney, Australia. She is a high school educator who specialises in teaching music and special education. She is currently the Assistant Membership Secretary for IAW. She gets in touch with new members, providing information about IAW and assisting with their queries. 

Holly also creates content for the IAW journal collectively with Jessica Orban in Paris and Lea Boergerding in Berlin to create content for Feminist News Around the Globe.

Irene Smeraidou – Cyprus

Irene Smeraidou - Cyprus

Irene Smeraidou is a sociologist and holds a Master Degree in Management, Technology and Quality.
She is the Vice President of Pancyprian Movement Equal Rights – Equal Responsibilities in Cyprus. 

She has 11 years’ experience as project manager/ researcher in planning, management and evaluation of co-financed projects and programs. She has conducted research, facilitated training, and coordinated and implemented many national and European projects. She’s particularly interested in the prevention and combating of violence against women and girls, especially through education.

Laoura-Maria Alipranti-Maratou – Greece

Laoura-Maria Alipranti-Maratou - Greece

Laoura Alipranti-Maratou has a PhD in Sociology (University of Paris X-Nanterre). She is an Emeritus Research Director of the “National Centre for Social Research”/EKKE and is actually collaborating as an expert at EKKE’s “Gender Issues Research Laboratory”. She is a Visiting Professor at the Department of Psychology at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens teaching the lesson “Gender relations in contemporary society”. She has also been a Member of “EIGE-European Institute for Gender Equality” Expert Forum designated by the European Parliament (2012-2015). 

She is Vice-President of the Board of “Greek League of Women’s Rights”.

Miranda Tunica Ruzario – South Africa

Miranda Tunica Ruzario - South Africa

Tunica Miranda Ruzario holds a degree in social sciences and has over 10 years working experience in the administration and financial departments having worked in both Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively. She has also worked for several NGOs in Zimbabwe that deal with women’s rights, gender based violence and gender equality from grassroots levels.

Miranda has been Assistant Secretary General since 2018.

Munira Jauad Ribeiro – Guinea-Bissau

Munira Jauad Ribeiro - Guinea-Bissau

Mrs. Munira Jauad Ribeiro is an economist specialized in international trade from the university of Havana (Cuba), she also holds a Diploma of Higher Studies in Banking Management from the Institute of Banking Training of Lisbon (Portugal ). She was the Minister of International Cooperation, Minister Delegate to UEMOA and the Ambassador of Guinea-Bissau to the Republic of Gambia.
Currently, she is the President of the Network of Women Entrepreneurs (REMOE / Guiné-Bissau) whose main  objective is the financial and economic autonomy of women. 
Munira is the Vice-President of the Entrepreneurial Confederation of Women of Portuguese Speaking Countries (FME / CPLP / CE). She is also an Administrator at Ecobank Guiné-Bissau. Munira is a Managing Director of RuMu / sarl Guiné-Bissau which is active in agribusiness.
She is the President of the NGO Djissilin association- Emilio Gomes school, which supports the education of children from underprivileged families, and conscious of her social responsibility and continues to take part in initiatives that aim to empower women. She believes education is key and access should be given to underprivileged communities.

Signe Gissel Schmidt – Denmark

Photo Signe Gissel Schmidt Board Member

Signe Gissel Schmidt is Vice President of the Danish Women’s Society. Since 1871 she has been working  with a team towards creating a world of equality. And there is still work to be done!

She holds a master’s degree in history and in cultural encounters and she has always been interested in women’s history and the structures of power.
In her daily life, she works at the Danish Women’s Society’s women’ shelter. There she witnesses the ugliest side of patriarchy: gender based violence.
This one of the most – if not THE most – serious problems of equality –  not only globally, but also in welfare countries such as Denmark.
She works hard to fight it. This is why she  has joined IAW.