Meeting the challenges of Donald Trump’s new era

Women must build a radical movement that is based on a genuine re-distributive agenda. This agenda should also include policies that fight institutionalized racism, economic inequality, climate change and gender inequality and violations of women’s human rights.

Women of Power

The women’s movement must demand a new development model that is not based solely on economic growth but prioritizes people over profits as well as social solidarity.

Call for a New Accountability Paradigm

We call on politicians to show renewed political will and move from commitment to accomplishments. We call on them to work to adopt a new paradigm of accountability that can make the entire process of sustainable development more transformative and responsive to the peoples’ needs

A forward looking approach to the Beijing Platform for Action

IAW will work for the adoption and implementation of participatory monitoring and accountability mechanisms that will make possible the fulfillment of promises held in the Beijing Platform for Action and the post 2015 Development Agenda hoping that this time commitments by duty bearers will prove credible.