Recent COVID-19 Relief Activities Carried out by AIWC – Rajkot

Recent COVID-19 relief activities carried out by AIWC – Rajkot by Dr. Bhavna Joshipura National Vice President – All India Women’s Conference, President AIWC – Rajkot Branch, First Lady Mayor – City of Rajkot and Advocate The second wave of COVID-19 is being seen all over the country, and of course, this time the wave […]

Water and Pads – a Revolutionary Project

“The Water and Pads project for schoolgirls is a wonderful project. We can even call it a revolutionary initiative that is really changing the mindsets within the communities. Gradually it is dispelling shame and taboos around the periodic bleeding. The project also helps to keep girls in school and to have good menstrual hygiene, because […]

‘We Run a Hotline for Male Victims and Perpetrators of Domestic Violence’

AVI MOR AND MALKA GENACHOWSKI ON 4/28/21 AT 10:34 AM EDT We run a hotline for domestic violence, but it’s unique in one important way: it’s staffed by men and is aimed exclusively at men, including male victims of domestic violence, and men who fear they might be—or know themselves to be—violent abusers. Here’s why. For decades, […]

#MeToo in Greece

Sofia Bekatorou driving a new #MeToo movement in Greece and challenging deeply ingrained social norms in this country  I am very happy to announce that a new day has come for Greece and women’s human rights. We now have in Greece the #MeToo Movement. A Greek Olympic sailing champion, Sofia Bekatorou, has accused a top […]

Search for Justice

Throughout the year 2020 a new politico-judicial phenomenon has settled in Francophone Africa, and this, mainly in countries where the transfer of political power has not yet entered into the habits: The confinement of opponent leaders in their own place of residence. From Togo to Cameroon via Gabon, the Ivory Coast and Guinea, the main […]

Race Matters in a Pandemic

The leadership from the Canadian Prime Minister and Provincial Leaders has been outstanding during this crisis.  Canadians rely on the daily press conferences for up to date information on the Pandemic.  It is truly a source of pride that we have such exemplary leadership and I share this news with friends in other countries. Canada’s […]

Domestic Abuse and COVID-19; A Pandemic within a Pandemic

 Press Release, April 7, 2020 The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) Domestic Abuse and COVID-19; A Pandemic within a Pandemic The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) offers a sincere thank you to Prime Minister Hon. Justin Trudeau, Provincial Premiers, Territorial Leaders, Government Ministers, Opposition Leaders and Municipal officials who have shown true leadership, […]

From the Past to the Future: A Living Space for a Living Democracy

REPORT SEMINAR WORLD NGO DAY – 28 FEBRUARy 2020 – BRUXELLES This seminar was organised by the INGO Conference of the Council of Europe in collaboration with other NGO’s. The most interesting panel was on “Do activists, changemakers and human rights defenders need NGOs?”. Civil society consists of formal NGO’s and non-formal groups. Non-formal groups consist […]