Canadian Federation of University Women at CSW

I wanted to understand the international and intergovernmental work of various NGOs at work for women’s rights, and for women from rural communities, and women working in media and with ICT.

International Women’s Day March 8, 2018

“In our context, a rural area is a place or area with no modern or better infrastructure for example; no access to modern roads, running/piped water, no modern markets or shopping malls, schools, hospitals.” Rwanda

16 days of Activism Campaign

The #MeToo, which was among the top trends on Twitter these days, also saw widespread outrage on different platforms during the 16 Days of Activism Campaign.

“Telling Our Stories: Immigrant Women’s Resilience”. 

At the time the graphic novel was written these 4 survivors had probably no knowledge of the #MeToo campaign or the “Times Up” movement. That language had not yet entered the social consciousness. What they did know was that the emotional and physical attacks directed at them were the opposite of kindness or justice.