Poverty,Inequality and Women

ILO, the International Labour Organisation is the oldest specialised agency of the United Nations. It sets standards for the labour relations and for social justice.
IAW should keep promoting Recommendation 202 on social protection floors.

News from Zambia Alliance of Women

In the past 5 years, ZAW has been instrumental in advocating for Women Participation in Agricultural Decision-making, Environmental Sustainability and Women Land rights.

Celebrating International Women’s Day : Peace rally in India

 Women Empowerment and Human Resource Development Centre of India (WHI) celebrated the Women’s Day  on March 8th    in  association with   International Women’s Peace Group ( IWPG),   International Alliance of Women, LBS institute of technology for women, All India Women’s Conference ( AIWC) , Chirayin Keezhu branch   and  Sandepani school . The celebration included a peace rally […]