Thirty-eighth IAW Congress:Carin Economy- Putting People over Profits

THIRTY-EIGTH IAW CONGRESS November 24-26, 2020 “CARING ECONOMY: PUTTING PEOPLE OVER PROFITS” The theme of the 38th Congress suitably reflects the yearning of IAW membership globally, that is, putting people’s rights and needs over profit -towards a systematic change to a caring economy. In this wise, State budgets, recovery and stimulus programs, financial instruments must […]

Unpaid Work – SDG 5

By Meenakshi Kumar Presented at the International Meeting in Geneva Women are the engines of an economy, but their contribution is completely ignored. Only the efforts of women who are part of paid employment is counted for their economic participation, but what about the hardworking women who care for family members without getting paid. The […]

IAW Statement CSW 64

Progressing with our feminist goals through alternative narratives that will allow us to fight effectively against women’s human rights’ violations. Today it is 25 years since the Beijing Platform for Action was adopted. The Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing took place at a moment of great global optimism when a new world order […]

Sustainable infrastructure, a powerful driver for gender equality- IAW Statement CSW63

Women released last year a report called “Turning promises into actions” Gender equality in the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. The report underlines that progress towards meeting the sustainable development goals for women and girls is unacceptably slow and unless progress on gender equality is significantly accelerated the global community will not be able to […]

Meeting the challenges of Donald Trump’s new era

Women must build a radical movement that is based on a genuine re-distributive agenda. This agenda should also include policies that fight institutionalized racism, economic inequality, climate change and gender inequality and violations of women’s human rights.

AIWC: Economic Empowerment of Women – side event at CSW59

AIWC President Mrs. Veena Kohli: In India poverty is multi-dimensional social problem. Causes of poverty are many like -unemployment and underemployment, lack of property rights, dependence on agriculture, high population growth rate, caste system, corruption and above all holding of financial resources in the hands of males.