The Istanbul Convention Saves Women’s Lives

At a time when Turkey has withdrawn from the Istanbul Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Girls,  and Poland has announced that it intends to do the same, the European Women’s Lobby publishes a report marking the 10th anniversary of the convention. The conclusion of the report is clear: The Istanbul Convention […]

End War on Women in Afrin by Turkey!

Open letter to … Call to end the Illegal and Immoral War on Women in Afrin by Turkey!  London, 20 March 2021 Dear … ( Turkish Embassies, NATO, Council of Europe, National Parliaments, etc……..) We are writing to you because Afrin Canton is still under occupation and the international community has done far too little […]

Search for Justice

Throughout the year 2020 a new politico-judicial phenomenon has settled in Francophone Africa, and this, mainly in countries where the transfer of political power has not yet entered into the habits: The confinement of opponent leaders in their own place of residence. From Togo to Cameroon via Gabon, the Ivory Coast and Guinea, the main […]

IAW Statement CSW 64

Progressing with our feminist goals through alternative narratives that will allow us to fight effectively against women’s human rights’ violations. Today it is 25 years since the Beijing Platform for Action was adopted. The Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing took place at a moment of great global optimism when a new world order […]

Child widows

Child widows exist! There are at least a million and a half of them. They are girls given into marriage at a young age and whose husband died, either of illness or violence or conflict. Mohinder Watson, a colleague in Geneva for the ICW, wrote probably the first report about them. She is the driving […]

Message from Sizani Ngubane

I am sending you this message with very deep sadness. Our government passed the Traditional Courts Bill. We started fighting against this bill in 1998 before it was introduced to national parliament – at a time when the South African Law Reform Commission was conducting research on the Role and Functions of traditional leaders in a […]

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Accountability on Women’s Human Rights

Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December – the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted, in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This year, Human Rights Day marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a milestone document that proclaimed the inalienable rights which everyone is inherently entitled to […]

The Legal System: Chained to the Male Ego

September 2018 was a dismal period in American History.  More precisely in the scripting of the feminist American History.  While Democrats and Republicans battled over Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, an ultra conservative Justice, to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court of the United States, the public had a front row ticket […]

Feminists 4 Binding Treaty

We the undersigned feminists, women’s rights groups and civil society allies from all over the world call on governments to support the legally-binding instrument on transnational corporations and human rights. The negotiations at the United Nations is the very chance for Member States to demonstrate political will to put economic justice, environmental justice, gender justice […]