Covid-19: a mirror to reflect current risks and challenges

Renée Gérard

The shock of a deadly pandemic combined with the subsequent confinement period has made us concentrate on what is important, our values but also the way that we should defend them in a consumerist world. I totally endorse the topic that was chosen for the next IAW Congress: A caring Economy putting people and the […]

Maalma, a Network of 4000 Moroccan Women in Arts and Crafts.

Economic independence is a secret wish of all women, especially since de last quarter of the 19th century. Housework was facilitated by water, gas and electricity in the house. There were schools for young women of the better classes. Women were waking up to the injustices against women in more than one way, but also […]

Breaking the Class Ceiling in the Corporate World

There is persistent discrimination against women in promotion which keeps women in low wage positions with little opportunities for upward mobility. Women face a double obstacle in attempting to achieve workplace equality mainly because the centuries old gender ideologies bar them from entering well-paying occupations, and when they enter those well-paying fields they are prevented […]

The Legal System: Chained to the Male Ego

September 2018 was a dismal period in American History.  More precisely in the scripting of the feminist American History.  While Democrats and Republicans battled over Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, an ultra conservative Justice, to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court of the United States, the public had a front row ticket […]

The wrong touch

The female population of India is dropping so that there are thousands of men with no outlet for sexual expression. This at one level contributes to India’s ‘rape culture’, at another it is responsible for the molestation of children who the molesters confidently expect will never be believed

CSW 62 The Dutch Experience

Positive results are the recognition of women human rights defenders, diversity of women and girls, new agreements on reproductive health disparities, maternal mortality, health workforce en reaffirmation of existing commitments to Sexual Rights and Health Rights (SRHR).