President’s letter


President’s Letter CSW 62

In her President’s Newsletter of June 2018 President Joanna Manganara sums up a number of points of discussion during the intergovernmental meetings at CWS62. She also evaluates the Agreed Conclusions 2019

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The Situation of Women in Prison

Prison can indeed be assimilated to a “house of men”, that is to say, in line with the definition given by Maurice Godelier (1982), a monosexual space contributing to the production and consolidation of masculine identity and privileges that are attached to it.

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Women and Terrorism

This article will briefly explore the possible roles Western women can occupy in ISIS society. It will look at their motivations for leaving their home country, and it will consider the treatment of women by ISIS from a human rights’ perspective by taking a look at the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000).

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