Barriers to Abortion

There is good news about barriers to abortions from Geneva, but the prospects of better access to abortion care in all countries according to international human rights standards is at best mixed.

Feminist Activist and Women Human Rights Defender Mozn Hassan Banned from Travel

The travel ban for Mozn Hassan is an example of the shrinking space for Civil Society in many countries, including Egypt. IAW is very worried about this development. It is in complete defiance of Resolution 32/29 of the Human Rights Council, which will be adopted soon, unamended we hope!. Read more: Travel ban – Egypt

Discrimination of women in law and practice

The 2015 report of the Working Group on Discrimination against Women in Law and Practice is a radical accusation against patriarchy. Human Rights Council resolutions – threaten to undermine international achievements in the field of human rights in the name of cultural and religious diversity.