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ACTION PLAN of IAW’s Human Rights Representatives at UN Geneva

In February 2022, the IAW team at UN Geneva started its second year in office. On this occasion, we have reconsidered our commitment for the IAW at the UN Geneva.

Against the background that we want to take our work on a new level, that we want to focus our work even more on the needs of the member organizations of the IAW, that we want to distribute the tasks in the team and that we want to strengthen our cooperation and team spirit, we have developed and adopted the following action plan:

Our main goal

«We monitor and report to IAW on human rights activities at UN Geneva. We provide advocacy.»

Our target groups

are both IAW’s member organizations and individual women and girls in all their diversity.

We intend to monitor and report

on the one hand on UN bodies and entities at UN Geneva such as HRC, CEDAW, CRC and NGO Committees at UN Geneva on Ageing, on Human Rights and on the Status of Women and on the other hand on issues in line of IAW Constitution and Action Program as well as corresponding topics of the UN Special Rapporteurs working groups.

In concrete terms, we will monitor and report on the following entities and issues:

Sessions of the Human Rights Council in general and with special focus on Europe and Cyprus as well as Human Rights on peace and security topics; VAW; Democracy; CEDAW; Committee on the Rights of the Child CRC; NGO Committee on Ageing UN Geneva; NGO Committee on Human Rights UN Geneva; NGO CSW UN Geneva and its Task Force ‘Review, Development and Training’; activities of CoNGO at UN Geneva.

When distributing the work within the team, we respect personal resources.

We have established the following working methods

  • Every representative makes a selection regarding the information she will share in the report.

  • In making this selection, we have our member organizations in mind on the one hand and what we personally consider important on the other.
  • On-site presence is crucial because our mission is tied to the UN location in Geneva. The IAW representatives at the UN Geneva are generally on site, because events are now taking place on site again to a greater extent and because networks can be established on site. Some events can be followed online. Some Information can be collected online.
  • The reports are sent to the main representative. They form the basis for the annual report to the IAW.

We are willing to further deepen our commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls globally through our work at the UN in Geneva.

January 2023, IAW’s Human Rights Team at UN Geneva:

Ex officio Representatives: Alison Brown, Miranda Ruzario

Main Representative: Dr Sibylle von Heydebrand

Additional Representatives: LL.M., Mlaw Derya Akinci Briand, Dr Laoura Alipranti, Sanja Jeraj, Dr. Ernestine Ngo Melha