President’s Letter CSW 62

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Concerns in the Agreed Conclusions

The Commission failed to recognize the diversity of women and girls concerning their sexual orientation, gender identities and expressions.

Different forms of families are once again deliberately excluded from the text.

The sexuality of women and girls living in rural areas was a topic that was not discussed. That women and girls living in rural areas include lesbians, transgender and intersex people was not mentioned at all in statements.

Even the ministerial round tables on access to education did not bring up the subject of comprehensive sexuality education which would enable girls and boys to speak up against proposed early marriages, prevent violence, and have more equal and respectful relationships.

Concerning sexual and reproductive health and rights, access to safe abortion services, disproportionate maternal mortality rates, no access to preventive screening for reproductive cancers were not discussed.

President’s Newsletter CSW62 -June 2018


Joanna Manganara

Joanna Manganara

Joanna Manganara is the President of the International Alliance of Women, and a former Minister-Counselor for human rights at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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