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Project 21.1

January 31, 2020:

Watch Cheryl’s video update about Project 21.1 here!

January 7 2020

Thank you to our generous IAW Board members, family and friends for their to date donations to Project 21.1.  With each contribution we celebrated the potential of making a difference in a woman’s life.   Now in the new decade of responsible citizenship, we continue to rely on the reader’s support to build on the foundation that has been laid and actively reach out to you to help us to grow the fund.

In the news, we receive daily accounts of devastations around the globe. Environmental crisis due to climate change, women’s health challenges, attacks on women’s economic empowerment and unwarranted threats to women’s safety and security and last but most imperative on the list of concerns for women is the continued breach of rights to equality and inclusion.

With a substantial development fund in place IAW will be able to support the project initiatives that are being considered in the areas of:

  1. Women’s Health
  2. Climate Change
  3. Economic Empowerment
  4. Community Engagement and Leadership
  5. Equity and Inclusion (Legal support)

Our first fundraiser connected to my next half marathon engages everyone at the very affordable level of 21.1 Euros.  A half marathon is 21.1 kilometres long, thus that number was selected as a minimum donation price point.  I would like to ask members to donate 21.1 EU to the International Alliance of Women Project Fund.  This donation honours the spirit of freedom which running gives a woman and is a symbolic gesture toward supporting women to be their best self regardless of their location on the planet.

A donation category Project 21.1 has been placed on the website for Alliance members and friends to donate 21.1EU.  We certainly welcome donations that are greater than 21.1 Euros.  My race is self funded therefore, 100% of the funds raised are designated for Project 21.1.

The race I am training for will take place in Brooklyn, New York, USA at the end of the first week of CSW64.

If you are a runner and would like to share your own running story through the lens of Peace, Climate Change, Human Rights, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Education etc. please send your story to Lene Pind [email protected] to be included in the IAW Newsletter.

2020, with your support, is the year to build the fund.  With your contributions we will have sufficient funds to support several projects in January 2021. This is a simple initiative which embodies the IAW values.  We empower women, we support each other and we think beyond ourselves for global participation in the work.  My sincere appreciation for your donation and support.

Let us celebrate Beijing +25 with initiatives which impact women directly!

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Cheryl Hayles

Cheryl Hayles

Cheryl Hayles serves on the Board of the International Alliance of Women as Vice President North America. Her commitment to Women’s Rights is a daily charge to advocate for women locally and globally.

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