Celebrating Beijing+25 with an IAW Vlog project

Beijing +25 The Fourth World Conference on women in Beijing in 1995 took place at a moment of great global optimism, when a new world order of cooperation was emerging after the end of the cold war, the dismantling of apartheid and the emergence of new democracies. In this moment of optimism, the Beijing Platform […]

President’s Letter January 2020:

Beijing +25 Civil Society Forum of UNECE and Regional UNECE meeting 28-30 October 2019  Beijing +25 Civil Society Forum of UNECE – 28th of October 2019 On the 28th of October 2019, 420 participants from 48 different countries gathered in Geneva to participate in the Beijing+25 Civil Society Forum of UNECE for movement building, advocacy, […]

Statement at Interactive Dialogue on Beijing + 25 13 March 2019 By Soon-Young Yoon

Distinguished participants, At the NGO Forum in Beijing, we said, “All Issues are women’s issues” and “Look at the world through women’s eyes”. For 25 years, the feminist and women’s movements have mainstreamed action in UN processes: Habitat, climate change, the SDGs, and the human rights council. We have used digital tools we did not […]