Child widows

Child widows exist! There are at least a million and a half of them. They are girls given into marriage at a young age and whose husband died, either of illness or violence or conflict. Mohinder Watson, a colleague in Geneva for the ICW, wrote probably the first report about them. She is the driving […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day : Peace rally in India

 Women Empowerment and Human Resource Development Centre of India (WHI) celebrated the Women’s Day  on March 8th    in  association with   International Women’s Peace Group ( IWPG),   International Alliance of Women, LBS institute of technology for women, All India Women’s Conference ( AIWC) , Chirayin Keezhu branch   and  Sandepani school . The celebration included a peace rally […]

Child Marriage – a practice driven by poverty

Every year 15 millions girls get married before the age of 18. In 2016, child marriage still remains a global issue. Primarily driven by poverty and economic status, the practice also relies on cultural, traditional and religious motives.