As Democracies Weaken Globally, Women Fail to Win Top Political Posts

Global governance has failed to regulate the expansion of capitalist corporations, resulting in growing inequalities, financial and environmental crises and economies that do not work for women. To realize women’s rights, both politics and economies must be transformed. But globalization has limited the power of national governments.

News from Zambia Alliance of Women

In the past 5 years, ZAW has been instrumental in advocating for Women Participation in Agricultural Decision-making, Environmental Sustainability and Women Land rights.

AIWC: Economic Empowerment of Women – side event at CSW59

AIWC President Mrs. Veena Kohli: In India poverty is multi-dimensional social problem. Causes of poverty are many like -unemployment and underemployment, lack of property rights, dependence on agriculture, high population growth rate, caste system, corruption and above all holding of financial resources in the hands of males.