Nobel Prize for Peace 2018 – Hope for raped women and girls in DR Congo

For the first time this year’s award deals with gender based violence, the most appalling crime against humanity. It is a strong voice condemning rape and other sexual assaults of women particularly as a weapon in military conflict and war. This unspeakably terrible brutality is often systematically used to threaten innocent people and to break […]

Wolves of Lust

In a country where daughters are destroyed, gender violence is a part of everyday life, a woman on her own is fair game to a patriarchal society, or even, as in the Nirbhaya case, a woman out in the evening with her boyfriend.

Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC: Violence as a weapon of war

For a long time, Congolese women have often been victims of conflicts and atrocities. The time has come for women to commit themselves as agents of development. To this end, we have taken the resolution to stand up with other women in the DRC as agents in our own development and be ready for action. It is for this reason that a honour diploma was awarded to us by the United Nations Association of the Democratic Republic of Congo on 30 March 2011 on the occasion of the festivities of the month of the woman.