Unpaid Work – SDG 5

By Meenakshi Kumar Presented at the International Meeting in Geneva Women are the engines of an economy, but their contribution is completely ignored. Only the efforts of women who are part of paid employment is counted for their economic participation, but what about the hardworking women who care for family members without getting paid. The […]

Sustainable infrastructure, a powerful driver for gender equality- IAW Statement CSW63

Women released last year a report called “Turning promises into actions” Gender equality in the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. The report underlines that progress towards meeting the sustainable development goals for women and girls is unacceptably slow and unless progress on gender equality is significantly accelerated the global community will not be able to […]

Our Ocean, Our Future: Call for Action

Although not stated in the call for action, capacity building has to target women specifically, to address the structural, legal, management, and cultural barriers that prevent women from full access to fisheries and resources.

News from Zambia Alliance of Women

In the past 5 years, ZAW has been instrumental in advocating for Women Participation in Agricultural Decision-making, Environmental Sustainability and Women Land rights.