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Meeting the challenges of Donald Trump’s new era

Women must build a radical movement that is based on a genuine re-distributive agenda. This agenda should also include policies that fight institutionalized racism, economic inequality, climate change and gender inequality and violations of women’s human rights.

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International Day of Action on Women’s Health

IAW requests action on Women’s Sexual, Reproductive and Health Rights (SRHR) in the context of ZIKA, to commemorate May 28, the International Day of Action on Women’s Health
The IAW statement to the World Health Assembly in Geneva from 23 to 28 May, takes up an issue of high topicality: the ZIKA infection and possible consequences for women’s health, in particular to the SRHR of women.

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IAW around the world

Help her live when giving life

Saturday, March 12, 2016 was a sad day in Cameroon: a pregnant woman called Monique Koumate was left to die on the steps of a reference hospital in Cameroon because she had no money to pay for treatment as relatives tried in vain to deliver twins alive. CEFAP immediately decided to launch a project to save at least poor pregnant women

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Femicide, according to the UN, is the extreme and ultimate manifestation of existing forms of violence against women in patriarchal societies. Crimes of this kind reinforce the idea that women are sexual objects and belong to men

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