IAW Project:
Water and Pads for Schoolgirls – Empowerment for Life!

Water and Pads for Schoolgirls – Empowerment for Life is a much needed project carried out by International Alliance of Women (IAW).

By providing a basic menstrual health education in poor rural schools of IAW member countries in Africa and Asia this project can break up taboos around the menstrual cycle and provide a healthy sexual health management for schoolgirls.

Actually each of the IAW member organizations involved is planning and organizing its own event in the school it selected.

Thanks to the cooperation with UNICEF Burkina Faso the French brochure

La puberté et l’hygiène menstruelle served well in several selected elementary schools in Cameroon and DR Congo. IAW member organizations in anglophone Africa and in Pakistan later on had successful teaching-sessions in Africa plus Pakistan by using the booklet ABCs of being a Girl edited by UNICEF Malawi. The feedbacks from the secondary schools in Zambia and Zimbabwe were also absolutely positive. They were working with Entering Womanhood a booklet edited by IAW in close cooperation with Swiss Sexual Health.

Until now all girls and often also the boys were absolutely excited about this education, also thanks to the overwhelming support of the teaching staff, the parents and the local media.

As the project budget is very tight, more finances are urgently needed.
Your donation is the key for success.

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IAW and the schoolgirls say thanks for your help!

Donate to the Water & Pads project today

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